Where in the world is STAR?

Kitty Hart

14 September 2018

The work we do here at STAR sends us in a lot of directions, literally and figuratively.

Our mission is to create solutions that inspire people and companies to thrive. So, the solutions we create are radically different from one client to the next. Regardless, all client projects focus on one objective - to create an impactful, engaging, and motivating brand experience. We don’t produce cookie-cutter exhibits or lack-luster, poorly designed interiors and activations. The strategy, design and fabrication are as unique as each individual client.

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Just as the physical parameters of each project vary, physical location requirements keep us hopping. True, many of our clients are located right here in the Minneapolis/St. Paul metro area. But our frequent flyer miles and road warrior status racks up quickly as we partner with our clients at countless tradeshows, national events, corporate headquarters, satellite offices, and retail properties, large and small. You see, in many situations, our work doesn’t end when the last crate is perfectly packed with precious contents. As a valued partner, many of our clients request that we see the project all the way through installation. If you ask our field team, they’ll tell you there is nothing like working side by side with our clients, bringing properties and activations to life. We show up with tools in hand, ready to unpack, erect, install, and troubleshoot. And we don’t call it quits for the day until the last detail has been spit-shined. Ok, we don’t spit-shine but we do look over the top of our glasses to ensure perfection.

So, where in the world is STAR this month?

September 2018 sees the STAR team canvassing 10 of our great United States including Hawaii, California, Minnesota, Illinois, Colorado, Texas, Nevada, Arizona, Kentucky, North Carolina, and Florida. Our trusted project managers, field installers, project engineers, and creative leadership excitedly head out to facilitate the final steps in bringing important brand experiences to life. You better believe we know the importance of what we do here at STAR. Our clients’ successes are our badge of honor.

Stay tuned to STAR Experiences for updates on “Where In the World is Star?” We’ve got some major installations and activations coming to round out 2018. In the meantime, I’m going to find out who got the Hawaii installation gig. I may need to offer my support.

Kitty Hart


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