Transforming Brand Content: Find the Magic Factor

Brittany Chaffee

25 September 2019

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When we think about making an impact with our brands, it's often easy to imagine something big, colorful, loud, and magical. Because that's what magic is, right? It's pulling the rabbit out of the hat, it's the big reveal, it's the snap of a wand, and the bippity, boppity, boo!

Well, maybe not. 

Here's an interesting take. The magic factor is actually embedded in the simplicity of the story.

Magic doesn’t need a special potion or fairy dust. Magic is embedded in the ordinary. It’s everywhere, if you understand how your customers find value in the very simple parts of their life. Magic is the grittiness of transformation. It’s pulling the red curtain from an otherwise careful world. It’s when you snap the wand and that *thing* happens. What thing, you ask? The moment someone reads or experiences something and they're like, "That's exactly how I feel! How did you know?"

The magic factor is actually embedded in the simplicity of the story.

So how does this affect your branded content?

It's all about how you share your story. The magic factor is simplified storytelling. It’s within the relatable experiences. It’s the energy behind an experience. Magic is about humanizing a brand and choosing adventures and getting lost in the real messiness of the every day world. Magic is within the true and telling ways we go through the day-by-day and sharing that information with those we care about.

Magic is about relevancy. You must know what your audience cares about and put it out into the world in a simple way people can consume with ease. One thing we know about the magic factor (simplicity) is that people care about themselves and they want to see themselves in moments and stories. Your responsibility as a brand is to help people be themselves. We need simplicity because that's what makes us relate to one another. That's where we see ourselves. If brands can bring a simple, relatable story to life, that's when the magic happens.

Magic, nowadays, is coming out of the box in our digital world and into the real. Magic is tangible, within arm’s reach. Magic is a shared deep breath. It’s a touch or smell that centers a relationship. It’s a voice or color that transforms a community. Magic is emotional. It's tears and gasps and hands on mouths. Magic is a mirrored smile, a hand on someone’s arm because, “I can’t believe we did it. I can't believe we made that. I can't believe you see the world the same way I do."

We see magic every day. Because we create it. We live it.


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Brittany Chaffee


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