Tips for Getting the Most from Big Trade Shows

Mark Johnson

09 March 2017

Whether you’re attending a huge international show like EuroShop, a large national convention or a small regional trade show, here are a few tips from EuroShop that will help you make the most of your time.

EuroShop14_BL13842 _V2.jpg 

Tip #1: Start with an overview. The challenge of tackling any trade show, especially EuroShop with its maze of 18 separate halls—is deciding where to start. We always spend the first day (or the first few hours of a smaller show) quickly walking through each hall or exhibit area to get a sense of what it has to offer and to identify what we most want to see, do and experience. Then, we make a plan for dividing and conquering.


Tip #2: Take small bites. Information overload is around us, and that’s especially true at trade shows where exhibitors have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars vying for even a few minutes of our attention. To keep yourself sharp, pick one or two areas at a time to focus your attention on and ignore the rest.


Tip #3: Take breaks. We estimate that we walk up to 10 miles a day when at EuroShop. The large crowds and ever-present visual stimuli can be overwhelming, so it’s important to schedule breaks to sit and relax. We typically try to do this with one another so that we can compare notes and talk through ideas while they’re still fresh in our minds.


Tip #4: Take photos or make sketches. It’s tough to remember everything so take photos or make sketches along the way.


Tip #5: Network. While trade shows like EuroShop are a great way to see trends and get new ideas, don’t be so focused on what you see that you ignore who you meet.


We’re loving every minute of EuroShop and hope you’re getting a sense of what it’s all about. We look forward to sharing more of the experience with you in our next update.

Mark Johnson



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