Thinking About CES? Think Big.

Joe Montgomery

26 October 2018

You know the drill. Every January, CES – aka the Consumer Electronics Show – takes over Vegas. It’s one of the largest trade shows in North America with over 150,000 attendees and nearly 4000 exhibitors. CES is the who’s who of electronics and technology, plus nearly every other industry imaginable: automotive, sports, health and wellness, fashion, etc.

And we mean it when we say CES literally takes over the city of Las Vegas. The show spreads into nearly every available venue in town and beyond.  So the million dollar question immediately hits you. How does an exhibitor cut through the crowd and really connect with people?

You’re in luck. We happen to be experts on this topic.

Walk-through experiences

Walk through 1

One way to cancel out all other noise and gain some attention is to with a fully immersive experience that surrounds guests with your product or story. 

Great examples of this were the LG OLED Canyon and the 5G Demos at the Intel exhibit.  Both had massive, unique and memorable experiences that delivered the brand and product story in a way that people couldn’t help but absorb. We also saw many exhibits with specially tailored pathways that gave VIPs a specifically targeted, individual experience. 

Animated architecture animated 1

The best booths came to life in one way or another. Whether it was actual moving parts that created a beacon from far away, or massive video screens that reacted to visitors, this kind of animation was gaining attention from across the convention hall.

Some of the best examples of this kind of technique were TCL’s pixel forest and Samsung’s LED buildings.

Giant Propsgiant prop 2

With such a sprawling show, you need to be larger than life to get a second glance.

We saw a lot of oversized product props that drew big crowds and were perfect for photo opportunities. It’s an ideal way to announce a new product, too.  Polaroid used a super-sized OneStep2 camera to bring people in to interact by snapping selfies and help spread the word on the launch.

People people 1

With any trade show, success really comes down to the quality of your people. But at CES, it’s even more critical. The content is usually more complex and often not fully defined yet.

You need well-trained, knowledgeable and engaging salespeople to walk visitors through the space and the concepts. Those were definitely the most memorable moment of the entire show. Intel had this locked in for their 2018 experience.


Don’t let CES 2019 be a missed opportunity.

Give us a call and let’s work together to make sure you’re getting the most out it. Star can design, build, install and manage any size trade show experiences. Whether you’re at CES or anywhere else in the world, we’ve got your IRL brand experiences covered. 

Joe Montgomery


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