The Star Process: Five Phases for Your Project

Stephanie Gibbs

03 November 2016

When you partner with Star on an experiential marketing project, you can expect beautiful, well-executed and targeted results. How do we get there? With your involvement and input—every step of the way—through a proven, no-surprise five-phase process. 

Phase 1: Discovery

Event marketing

Soon after our first contact, we arrange for you to meet the Star team to begin exploring the goals of your project. Whether you already have a working design and need our help bringing it to life or you’re starting from scratch, your project will launch with a dedicated support team from day one.

Star is committed to always making decisions in the best interest of our clients, both current and prospective. Before taking on any new project, we make sure it’s something we can handle and something we’re good at. So, part of the Discovery phase involves deciding if your project and Star are a good fit. When we’re both confident they are…on we go to Phase 2. 

Phase 2: Concept

In the Concept phase, we all get on the same page regarding your vision and goals. Expect to get really detailed—even if you don’t have all the answers right away. This is when we work together to develop the story you want to tell with your project.

With your story in place, we begin designing the project components and dig deep into what your customer’s experience will be—what you want customers to feel, understand, do or take away from your event. With the initial concept defined visually, you have something tangible to bring back to leadership for additional input and direction.


Phase 3: Refinement

During Refinement, we take your project concept from rough to final draft, making all the necessary updates and changes. With your continued involvement in this stage, we get even more specific about your goals and audience, combining your direction with our industry expertise. We work with the unique character of your brand, but bring a fresh perspective to develop something that will make you truly stand out.


Phase 4: Implementation

Here’s where vision and concept become reality. Implementation involves actually creating the physical components of your project and executing them at the event location.

Before shipping, we set up the components at our facility to ensure execution is seamless and the results are what we envisioned. We arrange all logistical support for ordering services as well as labor and supervision at the event. Thanks to our time and work together in the previous phases, implementation moves smoothly, with no surprises.

You also have no surprises because throughout all of these phases, we constantly monitor and adjust the timeline in order to meet your project deadline and keep everyone on task. You know when specific elements of the project will be completed, so you don’t spend weeks in the dark.


Phase 5: Completion

Our partnership doesn’t end when your project does. After we dismantle and ship everything back to Star, we perform a post-project recap to track marketing effectiveness and make sure you have the data to measure your project’s success. The recap includes:

  • How sales compared to expectations?
  • How traffic was management?
  • How the event met or exceeded goals?
  • ROI?
  • Insights and learnings for future events
  • And more!

That’s the five-phase process we move through with all of our clients—a proven road to results that are beautiful, well-executed and targeted.

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Stephanie Gibbs



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