The STAR Guarantee: 100% Satisfaction

Bob Stone

18 October 2016

I often tell my customers that we are by no means a perfect company, but we are a company absolutely committed to owning outcomes and ensuring our customers' success. 

If Our Clients Aren’t Satisfied, Neither Are We


Many of our clients come to us with old wounds inflicted by companies that didn’t deliver on what they promised. Whether those companies came up short in terms of communication, concept or deliverables, know that you can expect more from Star.

We focus on building strong client relationships and on doing what it takes to keep you happy. Star even puts a 100% guarantee on your satisfaction.


Full Transparency for Line Items and Charges 

Integrity pricing is at the heart of our guarantee. This means you always get our best price, as well as fully transparent pricing. Instead of bundle pricing, which makes it difficult to know what you’re paying for, our estimates include full descriptions of and detailed dollar amounts for each line item. This way, you know exactly what you’re paying for and why you’re paying for it.

This keeps you knowledgeable about all costs and gives you the ability to make well-informed decisions about every aspect of the work we do for you, whether that’s building your brand, bringing your exhibits to life or converting prospects into customers. Line item pricing also acts as fuel for collaboration; you know exactly how each decision will impact the bottom line, which makes it easier to stay focused on results.


Future-Proofing Our Relationships by Doing Event Marketing Right

While our goal is always to do things right the first time, we are, as I said earlier, not perfect. There are times when things don't go as planned:  people miss things, packages disappear, equipment fails (sometimes for no reason at all)

When these things happen, Star does everything we can to make it right. At no charge to you. And that brings us back to integrity pricing. With it, there are no uh-oh surprises and no hidden fees. Unlike with bundle pricing, there's nowhere for us to hide them. Instead of trying to spend our time doing so, we focus on doing the right thing, which is making sure our clients are 100% satisfied. 

If you’re not feeling that way about the company you’re currently working with, give me a call at 763.561.4655 I won’t tell you that we’re perfect, but I will tell you that we’re committed to making things right. Guaranteed!

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Bob Stone



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