Safe and Practical Marketing Solutions During the COVID-19 Outbreak


13 March 2020

Unfortunately, we’re sitting at our computers amiss. Inside an international health crisis, we don’t know what’s going to go through the news cycle the minute we turn the TV on. Refreshing Twitter gives us anxiety and spikes our fear. Large-scale conferences and events, like SXSW and Coachella, have been postponed or cancelled. The NBA postponed their season. Countries have closed their borders. The COVID-19 outbreak is very, very real. The potential impact on marketing is real. And should be taken seriously.

That’s why the focus of all efforts should be on our communities and employees. We must communicate and care for one another. Most of all, businesses must rethink how to communicate and collaborate with their audiences effectively and safely.

Because life and business go on, we must figure out what’s next. How do we keep our people safe and healthy while keeping companies and bottom lines healthy as well?

We’ve all heard the team “social distancing” lately. And while physically it causes us to cancel events and work further away from one another, it gives us the opportunity to streamline messages and conversations through video and digital, and to make smart plans for when we can resume as “normal”. Which can, essentially, create a bigger impact with our audiences in the long run.

So, what else can you do while teams are working from home and you have lower budgets than normal?

Here are some ideas to help:

  • Communicate, inform, educate: During the COVID-19 outbreak, people crave constant updates and information. Create a landing page that gives clients or your core audience updates on how the company is operating during the outbreak. The things you’re communicating internally should morph into available resources and communication to all stakeholders; how you’re handling communication/moving forward.
  • Re-edit and Re-use Content: Dig into those servers! Brainstorm (via phone) how to utilize previously created content. If you have videos from previous events or already captured images of your space, use them! An animated video series, a live Facebook interview series with key stakeholders in your company, a live Twitter chat – all of these are conversational and valuable conversations you can be having on social media.
    cowomen-UUPpu2sYV6E-unsplashPhoto by CoWomen on Unsplash
  • Go Live with Real People: Host a live event on social media. If you had to cancel an event, you can still host a “virtual” panel on your social channels. Whether or not this is in a podcast form via phone/Webcast or a shared video, they both offer a safe environment for experts to converse and provide value.


Photo by Hermes Rivera on Unsplash

  • Support the Community: If you’re able, work internally with teams to help the community. Give blood. Donate at your local food bank. Encourage others in your community to do so.

We’re always ready to lend a hand if your team needs the support. We know key messaging and meeting goals that hit the bottom line is important no matter what. We’re passionate about putting people first and assisting your teams to prepare for what comes next. Stay safe and take care of yourselves. We’re all in this together!

STAR is an award-winning experiential agency that creates unforgettable, face-to-face experiences for brands in a physical space. For over 25 years, STAR has been a leader in the industry due to its innovative and streamlined approach to strategy, design, and in-house fabrication for global events, retail, corporate interiors, and exhibits. Mark Johnson founded the agency in 1993 and built a state-of-the-art 200,000 square foot fabrication center and warehouse space in 2016, headquartered in Minneapolis, MN. STAR’s clients include Marvel, Target, 3M, Emerson, Doritos, Sherwin Williams, and the ESPN X-Games. Connect with STAR at or on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.





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