Planning and Marketing: The Key to Event Success

Stephanie Gibbs

05 January 2017


If you’re looking to take your events—and the results you get—to the next level, get started now. The solution might be closer than you think. That’s because successful events are far less dependent on the actual event than on the upfront planning and marketing.

When planning, the first question to ask yourself is simple: What response are you looking for? When someone walks up to your exhibit, what exactly do you want them to see, hear, feel and experience? Getting clear on this is essential, and no one is better positioned to help than Star.

Star Keeps Your Goals Top of Mind 

Screen Shot 2017-01-05 at 10.37.40 AM.pngFrom beginning to end, event marketing focuses on the audience, and that's exactly what Star focuses on as well. We work to ensure that even the smallest details come together to tell your story in a compelling way that will move your target audience to action. We:

  • Listen to what you’re looking for
  • Leverage our skills, resources, and experience to execute
  • Look out for your best interests
  • Challenge your concepts and ideas


Star Delivers Outstanding Customer Service  

When you work with a company like Star, a company that has your best interests in mind, you can feel confident that we’ll use our event expertise, industry knowledge and full-service capabilities to ensure all of your events succeed, whether they’re taking place across town or around the world. 

Star Acts as an Extension of Your Marketing Team

Just as members of internal marketing teams are available at all hours via phone, email or text, so are members of your Star dedicated team, a team that includes project managers, creative directors, software engineers and more. 

Star Offers Full Service

In addition to outstanding customer service, clients look to Star for task management, inventory management, transparent pricing, development, execution, reporting and more. Even our clients who give us small projects to start with, grow with us because we are able to meet their diverse needs.

Star Partners With You for the Long Term 

Successful event planning and promotion is not a cut-and-dry service you can get anywhere. Success comes from partnering with a company that truly is as dedicated to achieving your goals as you are. But don’t take our word for it; ask our clients. Some of them have been with us since we opened our doors 20 years ago and would be happy to tell you why they chose—and continue to choose—Star.

Stephanie Gibbs



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