Look Who’s Talking welcomes Tim McNiff and a glimpse into the Media Magnet Method

Kitty Hart

23 August 2018

Look Who's Talking Speaker Event

When you read articles and see news blurbs, do you ever wonder how the experts quoted or interviewed get selected for that bit of news coverage? I do. And sometimes it ticks me off that it’s them and not me! Well, rather than get mad, I’m going to get smart. Which is, I think, what our Look Who’s Talking guests had in mind as well.

On August 16, the STAR team hosted 80+ voracious learners as our special guest, Tim McNiff, shared his insights into “How to Become a Media Magnet.” Leveraging his years in broadcast media and public relations, Tim has developed a tried and true method that helps people gain the attention of the media, and earn that coveted spot of subject matter expert.

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If you engage with Tim as your mentor on this topic, he’ll coach you with 7 strategic points. For our event, Tim focused on #5: How to make sure you shine in the spotlight. Basically, you’ve got their attention, now how do you make the most of it!

Tim’s advice on this one point includes the following:

  1. Be authentic.
  2. Be clear about why you want to appear in the media.
  3. Be clear on the value you’re going to provide to the community.
  4. Be able to put events into context, provide insight and surmise what’s going to
    happen next.

Following an overview of point #5, Tim showed an example of how this method was employed for a client, putting her in a situation where she was identified as the expert, it created a win for the media partner, and the public gained by the knowledge shared. Demonstration that Tim’s method creates a win-win-win.

If you want to know more about the Media Magnet Method, reach out directly to Tim. Tell him you saw him at Look Who’s Talking!

In closing, a big special thank you to our friends at Big Ink for providing the evening’s sweet treat by way of their Dream Cycle. Thanks for your partnership!

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Look Who’s Talking Speaker Series will be back in November. Sign up for STAR Experiences to be certain you get all the details.

Kitty Hart


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