It’s Not A Pivot, It Is Who We Are

Rich Rizzardi

08 July 2020

Experiences are the core of our lives.  They fuel the stories we tell.  They change us.  Experiences matter.

This belief goes beyond just words on our website or in a presentation.  It is foundational to the inspiration of our work and the fulfillment we achieve from our client’s success.

Optimism has been our response here at STAR to ‘unprecedented times’.  Instead of looking at the challenges of our industry – the canceling of events and tradeshows or budget reviews slowing down existing and new projects – we have leaned into our core beliefs. 

Community as a Catalyst has become the strategic thrust behind our optimism at STAR.  We have rallied around it to proactively bring insights and solutions to our clients. 

Cub Community Markets

Following the tragic death of George Floyd and the subsequent unrest, we stood side by side with our client Cub.  It was the immediate recognition of the food desert that was now in multiple neighborhoods in Minneapolis.  In less than three weeks we went from design, fabrication and building the store. 

Image 7-8-20 at 2.08 PM

Again, side by side with Cub, every detail worked through quickly to provide convenient access to fresh food.  We are proud to be Cub’s partner as we restore the community with the opening of their first 13,000 sq ft. temporary store today – Cub Community Market on Lake Street.   The work continues as we build out the Broadway location.  This is slated to open later in July.  We further supported Cub as each location will feature murals that will be designed by local artists.  Each mural representing a powerful message in support of the community.

Check out a time-lapse of the market being built and fully stocked.

Untitled design-5

Community as a Catalyst

Familiar brands can be touchstones as a catalyst for communities.  Indeed 2020 has not been easy.  Our optimism is found in the work for our clients and partners.

A community outreach vehicle called “Vikings Table” caters to children experiencing food insecurity in Minneapolis-St. Paul and adjacent communities. The food truck and indoor experience provide access to free meals during the summer months. 

Vikings Table in Action copy

A safe space – in any location – to provide sanitary testing, consultation, and care to those in need of medical attention.  Supporting Hunt Electric Corporation, as they developed a mobile, multi-functional, self-cleaning containerized solution.


A solution that keeps sanitization and safety at the top of every mind, bringing comfort and assurance to the retail experience.

Kowalskis Station copy-1 IMG_1732 copy 3

Still this month during a fan-less PGA live telecast of an upcoming event, a unique and powerful brand experience that supports uniting & thanking the community.  

Let’s look beyond the challenges that lie ahead.  Let’s focus on optimism and invest as business leaders and brands to be a thrust as Community as a Catalyst.

Rich Rizzardi



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