haute dokimazo

Katie Johnson

28 June 2018

Haute Dokimazo came and conquered Minneapolis! An unconference that redesigned its structure and took into account topics that its 100 event professional attendees wanted to discuss. This was the first time that the unconference Haute Dokimazo has been to Minneapolis, and we were not disappointed!

The unconventional approach of crowdsourcing topics the first day of the event allowed the attendees to voice challenges they were having within their own company or industry and to utilize the knowledge of their peers to learn about solutions. Some of the topics included: the buying behavior and how to more effectively sell, going digital and being relevant, gamification and how interactive events are changing.


Photo Jun 26, 7 19 17 AM

Using a fun venue to split up the day, we enjoyed all the amenities of Can Can Wonderland including the world’s longest mini-golf hole. The unconference stripped away titles and expectations therefore allowing people to make real connections. The buzz word around the conference was “real talk” being able to skip the small talk and get down to the core of what people value and need.

Haute Dokimazo was a very engaging event that brought a great network of event professionals together. It was sprinkled with fun and even puppies! Who doesn’t need a puppy break? It was great to see so many people come together to support each other, thank you Haute Dokimazo for the experience!

Katie Johnson


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