Find STAR at the Great Minnesota Get-Together

Brittany Chaffee

29 August 2019


Midwesterners love the Minnesota State Fair. Why? It’s all about the experience! Over 50 new brews dazzle the two weeks this year to support the intriguing tastes of the nearly 2 million people that visit, and press arrives early the first morning to expose all of the delicious new foods. On the contrary, the State Fair doesn’t have an exclusiveness. It’s entirely accessible to everyone and releases a sense of hometown nostalgia some people look forward to all year long.

So, what will you be stopping for at the fair this year? We’ve heard good things about the duck wontons and pickle beer at Giggles. Oh, and you can’t miss out on the Bada Bing Sandwich near the coliseum or any of the simple classics.

If you’re wondering what STAR is up to at the fair, we were excited to work with Boundary Waters and Bremer Bank to create memorable experiences for those visiting. See the work below.


Boundary Waters

The main goal for Boundary Waters exhibiting at the fair was to spread awareness and encourage volunteers to help clean up the Boundary Waters and preserve and restore the Canoe Area and the Quietico-Superior Ecosystem. Fair goers can volunteer in historical preservation, trail/campground maintenance, weed and invasive species control, construction maintenance, and more. The team at Boundary Waters worked exclusively with STAR to create an experience that spread the word about these volunteer activities. Because the Boundary Water's message was going to a good cause, STAR donated a portion to help create the space.

Located: North end, on the corner of Hoyt and Underwood

Bremer Bank at the Minnesota State Fair

Bremer Bank

As a proud sponsor of the Agriculture Horticulture Building and “the bank” of the Minnesota State Fair, Bremer Bank set out to create an experience that paid homage to the agricultural industry. Therefore, STAR was excited to work with the team to concept and build a Bremer Bank Grain Bin for fair goers to relax inside. We provided drawings and assembled the grain bin itself and added lighting and backlit logos, countertops and storage for the installation. Here, fair goers can take photo ops, participate in giveaways, and take a break from the State Fair crowds. The grain bin plans to be a semi-permanent installation at the fair for the next five years.

Located: On Judson Avenue, south of the Agriculture Horticulture Building)

Enjoy the fair, everyone! We'll be somewhere on the Midway searching for that yummy Turkey to Go sandwich. 

Brittany Chaffee


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