EuroShop 2017: Here We Come

Mark Johnson

22 February 2017

EuroShop 2017—the top retail industry trade fair and the largest event and tradeshow design expo in the world—takes place March 5-9 in Düsseldorf. And I (for the sixth time) and my team are going to be there…tracking trends, identifying best practices, testing out new materials, viewing state-of-the-art technology and more.

Sound like a fun assignment? It is. It’s also an exhausting one! There are 17 exhibit halls—each approximately half-a-million square feet, which is about of the size of the convention center here in Minneapolis. It will take us—me and Justin Dworak, Director of Creative three days to make our way through it all.


What we see will amaze, astonish, delight and perhaps even perplex us. It will also help us prepare to wow our clients with new and exciting ways to achieve their objectives. EuroShop is where we get healthy doses of inspiration and insight that translate into innovative solutions for Star clients. That’s because what we see at EuroShop hasn’t yet hit U.S. shores—but it’s on the way. That journey used to take five years. Now, it can happen in as little as 12 months, proving that EuroShop truly is where trends are set, products debuted and technologies launched.

EuroShop is also where we get to strengthen and extend connections with our global partners, the people on the ground in other countries who ensure the success of every Star project. We’ve spent 20+ years building the relationships that make our extensive global network so strong, and we’re proud of the way members work with us and our clients to ensure every project’s success.


Ready, set…overwhelm

Scheduled every three years, this year’s EuroShop will feature an entirely new format that emphasizes seven important dimensions of experiential design:

  • Expo and event marketing, including stand construction and equipment, brand communication, communication design and event technology
  • Food techand energy management, including refrigeration, building automation, cooking and baking solutions
  • Lighting, including systems, design and technology
  • Point of presence andpoint of sale (POS) marketing, including signage, displays and outdoor communication
  • Retail technology, including POS technology, retail software, mobile solutions, payment systems and e-commerce
  • Shop fitting and store design, including fixtures and equipment,architecture, store planning, materials and surfaces
  • Visual merchandising, including store and window decorations and display mannequins.


We’ll be reporting from EuroShop so stay tuned for future posts. And if there’s anything specific you’d like us to check out or snap photos of while we’re there—whether it’s what colors are hot, which new materials are trending or how to grab attention with eye-popping displays—just let us know.

Mark Johnson



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