Strategic Tradeshow for Results Client Advisory Service from STAR

Rich Rizzardi

31 August 2020

Establish lower baseline cost structures through strategic experiential design, spend leverage, eliminating waste and boosting your ROI.

As marketers the focus on driving your business goals has never been so paramount.  The understanding of program effectiveness and improved of ROI does not need to be scarified as you gain control of your total cost of program execution.

STAR’s Client Advisory Services shows you how to achieve a comprehensive tradeshow & event solution based on your unique challenges and needs.

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Our proprietary approach will analyze your:

  • Tradeshow & event goals, schedule and acquisition targets.
  • Align your audience fragmentation to new tradeshows that will have you stand-out in unique ways.
  • Optimize your fulfillment and logistics expense.
  • Industry experience leading to improve show and program services.
  • Review program asset cost and opportunities to build scale.
  • Identify reporting capabilities to raise expectations on improved ROI
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STAR’s guiding principles to our Client Advisory Services.

  1. Simplify – Are there opportunities to reduce sales & marketing operational complexity by eliminating duplication?
  2. Utilize – Can we get more use or value from existing assets and resources?
  3. Standardize – Can we reduce variability and deliver greater efficiency by defining common processes?
  4. Centralize – Can we achieve economies of scale and more effectively leverage resources through centralization?
  5. Automate – Can we reduce or eliminate manual processes, Excel spreadsheets through STAR’s robust and proprietary project management and inventory management software?  STARTRANET® request a demo today.
  6. Determine Metrics – Can we capture the most accurate picture of your program to have renewed confidence in your ROI.

Stand out from your competition by finding innovation and value in a tradeshow and event partner leading to significant savings, reduction in total cost of execution and improved ROI.

This invaluable assessment is complimentary. It’s our way of demonstrating our insights and expertise for considering us as your partner.

Maximize your return on your tradeshow & event execution.

Contact us to learn more. 


Rich Rizzardi



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