Checklist: Partnering with a Marketing Company on Your Brand Strategy

Andy Brown

06 September 2016

Before partnering with a company to help you with face-to-face marketing, you need to know that the company is committed to achieving your goals and executing your brand strategy. Easier said than done, I know.

Any marketing company will tell you they do these things (and just about anything else you want to hear), so how do you separate those who’ll say anything to get your business from those who’ll do anything to ensure your success? Follow the guidelines below and you’ll easily distinguish the say-ers from the do-ers.   


Start with A Willingness to Collaborate on Brand Strategy

brand strategyThe first big distinguisher is whether the company wants to work with you or for you. Some will respond to your requests by producing deliverables. Others will step back and dive deep into your organization and its goals and work right alongside you to execute an effective and targeted brand strategy. These questions can help you determine which is which:

  • Are your goals their goals?
    With a deep understanding of your brand and focus, face-to-face marketing connects with your customers. The company you choose as your partner should be capable of stewarding your brand and interested in your target audience, employees, company and business strategies.

  • What’s their communication model look like?
    Strong communication practices build and establish trust. Partner with a marketing company that will give you dedicated support and be available 24/7, not just during business hours. That’s because planning and executing events often requires early morning, late night and weekend hours.

  • Do they lead with business strategy?
    Is there a desire to understand and execute your go-to market strategy? A trusted business partner operates as an extension of your sales and marketing team.

  • Do they realize your brand across market segments?
    The marketing company you choose should understand how to extend brand experiences across multiple segments: from experiential marketing to trade shows, retail experiences, corporate lobbies and special events.

  • Are they experienced in the size and scope of your market?
    If you really want to be successful, you need someone who can play where you play. For many companies that’s in the global space.

  • Are they cautious about who they partner with?
    Being deliberate about who to partner with goes both ways.


Custom, Unique, Complex – What’s Your Brand Strategy?

At Star, we’re looking for clients who have complex problems and want to build a strong partnership to solve them. So if you’re looking for a marketing company to help you execute the face-to-face portion of your brand strategy, we’d love talk with you.

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