Office Dogs

Mallory Johnson

07 April 2015

At Star it is not uncommon to see a dog sitting under a conference room table, following its owner around the office or sleeping in a cube. It all started when Mark, Star's founder, would bring his dog Bogey with him to the office when working there alone on the weekends. Soon Bogey started to wait by the door weekday mornings for Mark as if saying "ready for work.”

 Teddy Dogs

It should be no surprise that the team working on the Just Dogs custom retail kiosk project was very popular with both the dogs and their owners at our office. These days our regular office dogs consist of Gus- Account Partner Lauren's 4 year old Golden Doodle; Dash-Shop Tech Chris's 6 month old silver lab; Melow- Controller Jen's 2 year old Pittie and of course Bogey, Mark's 6 year old whoodle. As you can see, they are usually very productive when at the office. 


Mallory Johnson



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