As a Marketer, I Needed STAR

Andy Brown

31 January 2017

As Star’s director of sales and marketing, it’s easy for me to talk about the entire spectrum of Star’s event marketing offerings and capabilities—not just because that’s my job—but because my appreciation for Star’s integrated approach began long before I joined the company.

About 15 years ago, I was marketing director for a local government department. Like most marketing directors, I struggled to keep up with my day-to-day tasks: developing and overseeing campaigns, reviewing staff designs and ideas, setting and hitting quarterly engagement goals…that sort of thing.

Then, I suddenly inherited management of the department’s tradeshow program.


This added responsibility really challenged me. I admit it: My knowledge of event marketing was limited. I needed to quickly figure out how to manage multiple relationships with brand managers, fabricators, materials experts, graphic designers, production vendors and live-event marketing agencies. Looking around for a marketing partner I could trust, I remember screaming (internally): “I need a marketing agency that fabricates! …or a fabricator who knows sale strategy! …or a sales strategist who can produce graphics! …or…”

Then I visited Star, and I was blown away.

Star offered me integrated experience design, strategy development, branding support, graphic and digital production, tradeshow design, and fabrication and execution. Star’s comprehensive approach took into account all my challenges and goals, saving my company time and money. I also became a fast fan of the Star culture, which made our long hours of work together both enjoyable and rewarding.

Today, as a 12-year Star employee, I’m proud to show customers how they, too, can increase sales—and make their lives much easier—by tapping into the depth of services Star offers across the entire event marketing spectrum.

Because I’ve been on the client side. I know how difficult juggling the complexities of event marketing can be. I also know just how much Star can help.

Andy Brown



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